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Getting Started

Please read carefully through the following sections. Make sure you complete all of the necessary steps to set up for the course.

Enroll in This Course on Lovelace

To gain full access to all of the features of the course, you need to make sure you are enrolled in this course. On the home page of the course at the top left corner find and click the Enroll button. Once you are enrolled, the exercises and tasks become visible throughout course pages. If not enrolled, you will only see general information and some of the exercises will remain hidden. Additionally, you must be enrolled to receive assessments, grades, and the Discord joining instructions.

Communication: Discord Forum

To communicate with us and your classmates we will use Discord. Rather than emailing questions to us, we encourage you to post your questions there. Don't be shy! On Discord, you will be able to get answers to your questions, help us answer questions from other students, and talk to us and each other 24/7.
Note: We have sent you the Discord joining instructions in your enrollment confirmation email, once you enrolled in this course above.


Live Lectures and Recordings

Live classes are scheduled for 6 PM IST on three evenings each week and will be streamed to accommodate students from various regions. For those who cannot attend, recordings will be available. Each live session will feature interactive quizzes and Q&A segments to enhance learning and engagement, and we strongly encourage your participation.
All live classes will be recorded and made available for later access, along with streams, slides, and additional lecture materials, on the Lectures page.

VR Cardboard and Headsets

To complete assignments in this course, you will need a laptop and a VR headset. The type of VR headset, whether a high-end HMD or a low-end viewer, does not matter, nor does it matter whether you buy or borrow it; the essential requirement is having access to a VR headset for your assignments and the final project. For a budget-friendly option, a VR cardboard viewer will equally suffice.
In our on-campus courses, we frequently use Oculus Quest 2 and Oculus Rift S. However, students have successfully used various other headsets. The critical criterion is the ability to connect Unity with your headset, which is vital for completing the course assignments.
For those opting for Cardboard VR viewers, you can select any model available online or in local stores. We will guide you through the proper setup and calibration steps so that you can fully engage with all the course materials.

Evaluation and Certification

To receive a certificate for the course, you must complete the following coursework components. For further information about the schedule and deadlines, please visit the SCHEDULE: Coursework at a Glance page.

Assignments (30%)

You will need to complete a total of eight practical homework assignments using a VR headset.

Quizzes (10%)

There will be six quizzes distributed throughout the course. Each quiz will be available for several days and will take approximately 30 minutes to complete.

Final Exam (30%)

There will be one online final exam that will be available for several hours. Expect to spend about 1.5 hours to complete it.

Course Project (30%)

The course project will extend throughout the course duration, aligning with the learning of required topics. Detailed instructions will be provided progressively throughout the course.


Certificates will be awarded to those who complete all assignments, quizzes, the final exam, and the course project.


Points for each homework assignment and quiz will be displayed on the course's main page. While homework and quizzes generally have similar point values, there are variations in the number of questions per assignment and the weight assigned to each question. You will be able to track your progress for each assignment via the progress bars on the main page.

Late submission policy

Due to the massive scale of this course, we are unable to accept any assignments, quizzes, or other submissions after their deadlines.


We kindly ask you to leave feedback on our course pages. Your feedback is anonymous and crucial for us to keep improving the content. Please find a textbox similar to the one below throughout the course pages and leave your comments. Your input is greatly appreciated!
Informative Guides to Help You Design, Develop, and Distribute Your VR App.
The platform for interactive, real-time, 3D content creation.
Virtual Reality, LaValle 2016 is the free online textbook we use in this course.